In re Angelia P. 1981- Clear and Convincing Defined

In re Angelia P. , 28 Cal.3d 908 - cited by 

[S.F. No. 24184. Supreme Court of California. February 11, 1981.]

""Clear and convincing" evidence requires a finding of high probability. This standard is not new. [2] We described such a test, 80 years ago, as requiring that the evidence be "'so clear as to leave no substantial doubt'; 'sufficiently strong to command the unhesitating assent of every reasonable mind.'" (Sheehan v. Sullivan (1899) 126 Cal. 189, 193 [58 P. 543].) It retains validity today. (In re Terry D., supra, 83 Cal.App.3d at p. 899.) [28 Cal.3d 920]"

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