USA v Cassidy

Major Federal opinion regarding First Amendment protection of Twitter and BLOGS free speech and harassment and stalking allegations.



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NYT 1,

NYT 2 8/2011 Case of 8,000 Menacing Posts Tests Limits of Twitter Speech

PCMAG:  ""If one colonist wants to see what is on another's bulletin board, he would need to walk over to his neighbor's yard and look at what is posted… Now one can inspect a neighbor's blog by simply turning on a computer," Titus ruled, stating that one colonist can choose to look at a board or ignore it completely.

He continued: "Twitter and blogs are today's equivalent of a bulletin board that one is free to disregard, in contrast, for example, to e-mails or phone calls directed to a victim." Because Zeoli had this option, Cassidy's speech is protected.

The judge also ruled that because some of Cassidy's messages were critical of Zeoli's religious beliefs, his speech is protected by the First Amendment."

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