Points and Authorities - Examples

"Points and Authorities" is the name for summaries of laws and past interpretations of laws pertinent to a particular case.  They are submitted for the judge and litigants to read and review to help decide a case.  If the attorney you are interviewing for a CH case is experienced, they will already know about these cases.  Ask them during an interview.  If not, the attorney may charge you thousands for "research" to create something like the following documents.

For Property Disputes - but includes lots of general information too.

Cohen v. California, 403 U.S. 15 (1971) - FUCK the Draft

Nothing contained herein is tendered as nor should it be considered as legal advice.  What is legal is not necessarily justice.  Almost all of reality is non-"published", ergo, what is legally affirmed is always a retarded misrepresentation of reality.   Use at your own risk!