Alonso v. Santos

Judge rejects restraining order request against Lathrop Mayor Santos,

By Jason CampbellReporter 209-249-3544 POSTED  March 30, 2011 9:33 a.m.

TRACY – Lathrop Mayor Joseph “Chaka” Santos doesn’t have to worry about walking too close to the house of one of his neighbors anymore.

On Tuesday, San Joaquin Superior Court Judge Roger Ross denied an application for a restraining order that was submitted by Patricia Alonzo on behalf of her fiancé – Rick Cavaco – and her three children. According to Ross, Alonzo and Cavaco failed to meet the burden of proof required by the plaintiffs in cases like this.  .... 

Neighborhood tiff goes to court Tuesday

"Earlier this month Cavaco’s wife – Patricia Alonzo – filed for a temporary restraining order at the Tracy Branch of the San Joaquin Superior Court for what was identified as “stalking.”  The application was granted the next day.  ..."

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