City of Reedley v Santillan

City abused 527.6 with an attempt to stop photography of police by a member of CopwatchSantillan filed an anti-SLAPP suit and won a substantial financial settlement.

Case 06CECG00303 Fresno

Attorney Charles F. Magill & Laura M. Guzman Magill, Fresno

Injunction on Hold -

Injunction on Hold Against Man Taping Police

February 16, 2006 - A small victory in court Thursday for a Valley man
who Reedley police say has been watching their every move.

Man is cleared to record police: First Amendment protects Reedley resident, judge rules

Frenso Bee, June 6, 2006

"Superior Court Judge John B. Conklin on Friday ordered Reedley to pay $8,160 to Reedley resident Bernabe Santillan because the former police officer's behavior was in step with his First Amendment rights, according to the judge's 10-page response.

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