James Hunley v. John Hardin - police complaints

(should be titled Hardin v. Hunley)

Mr. Hunley has quite a record for 527.6 actions. He appeals them and sometimes wins.

Hardin v. Hunley is a nuts case that prevents Hunley from complaining about police without approval from a judge.

B210918 Hardin v. Hunley   AFFIRMED — civil harassment
B211650 Brown v. Hunley   AFFIRMED — 
B215223 Hunley v. George et al. AFFIRMED — city code enforcement 
B184666 Alvarado v. Hunley REVERSED

A truly insane opinion.  To send complaints about a police man, defendant must make a motion with the court.  Bullshit and not the law.  (Somehow, when entering the Supreme Court, the case name was reversed from what it should have been.)

04/02/2010 Order filed   The above entitled matter is retitled as follows: JOHN HARDIN, Plaintiff and Respondent v. JAMES HUNLEY, Defendant and Appellant


Hardin, John :
1847 Delford
Duarte, CA 91010

Lawrence J. Hanna
Fullerton & Hanna LLP
6311 Columbus Avenue
Van Nuys, CA

Hunley, James :
1846 Delford
Duarte, CA 91010

Trial Court Case:GS011027
Court of Appeal Case:B210918 Supreme Court Case:S180782 Division:3 Case Caption:Hardin v. Hunley Case Type:CV Filing Date:09/15/2008 Oral Argument Date/Time:12/07/2009   09:30 AM

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