Wisconsin v. Ferguson - Divorce Case
Internet Take Down, Contempt of Court

UPDATE September 14, 2013:

Charges dropped!


FUCK the "Justice" system of Wisconsin ( and similar ones)

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Right now Jill is exonerated! Free to be back with her children in Wisconsin without threat of incarceration.  She is free of the ball and chain of being a poster child of what happens to people who resist the injustice system.

That’s the order that a Wisconsin court issued in telling an ex-wife that she may not speak online about herex-husband (emphasis in original). A similar order (though only for four years, and not “ever again”) was issued barring the ex-wife from speaking online about her ex-husband’s lawyer.

The ex-wife apparently violated the order, and is now being prosecuted for violating the injunction, because she kept posting things about the ex-husband and his lawyer. The prosecutor’s criminal complaint also mentions that the ex-wife was criticizing the judge who issued the injunction (Commissioner Linda Georgeson) and some other judges, but it’s not clear to what extent those criticisms form the basis of the prosecution — look at thecriminal complaint and see for yourself.



Schmidt v. Feguson Divorce

Ferguson is represented by a public defender.  Significant briefing.

Two of three Counts have been dismissed …



In RE the marriage of Daryl J. Schmidt and Jill M. Ferguson

UPDATE September 14, 2013:

Charges dropped!


FUCK the "Justice" system …

Respondents Brief - First Amendment Defense

This brief is an excellent reference for a First Amendment Defense of Contempt of Court by speech via …

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