Mitchell v Ross

"We've heard about you guys and your wife's a dyke lesbian"

Motorcycle race track installed on small residential lot next to 20 year residents with peaceful lush garden backyard.  Defendants were doing exactly what code enforcement told them to do as explicitly described in the county code - produce evidence of their complaint in the form of photographs, video, audio recordings.

6 hour trial. 2 year period.  Property, Code Violation Disputes.  Photography of children suspected of trespass, nuisance, or code violation.  Appeal possible. Case CIVMS900266

County Personnel Discipline

On 8/11/2009, Mindy and Jack Ross, and Fritz Koenig spoke passionately during public comment at the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.  They spoke about the installation of the racetrack, the sworn testimony of the suspect Mitchells which described code enforement's installation of a surveillance camera on the home of the Mitchell's home to prove that code enforcement "did not need to issue a citation" to the Mitchells.  (video is coming to this site)



Ordered.  waiting.

Order after Hearing

County Code Photographic Evidence

The San Bernardino County Code specifically requires evidence such as photographs and video for complaints where there is only one complaining family.


Press Coverage

The Law Against Photography, Desert Valley Star and American Free Journal, Feb 4 - 10, page 22  Continues the story of Mindy and Jack Ross's harassment by motocross neighbors in residential neighborhood.

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