County Personnel Discipline

On 8/11/2009, Mindy and Jack Ross, and Fritz Koenig spoke passionately during public comment at the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.  They spoke about the installation of the racetrack, the sworn testimony of the suspect Mitchells which described code enforement's installation of a surveillance camera on the home of the Mitchell's home to prove that code enforcement "did not need to issue a citation" to the Mitchells.  (video is coming to this site)

The cold reptilian response by Director of Land Use Department Julie Rynerson Rock was to declare that her finest officer had investigated the issue to find there was no violation of code, and that "it is a feud between neighbors and we are caught in the middle."

County Supervisor Jose Gonzalez was not swayed by Ms. Rock's assessment. Gonzalez demanded an investigation of the matter by the County Administration Officer (CAO).  The next day, and subsequent days, administrators directly reporting to Julie Rynerson Rock and involved in code enforcement were placed on administrative leave.

Within days, officials disclosed they were surprised to discover over 10 million dollars in shortfall in the Land Use Services Department

Coincidence or a sign for hope?

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